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4 Ways To Get Rich In Salaryman Style !!!

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Question .. You try to think that If today you have income Better job, full time job Will you quit? And if you don’t like routine work already?

The answer … is nothing right and wrong. It depends on your goal setting that you need stability, career growth or wanting wealth, challenges

Wealth It does not just happen to do business. Salaryman like us Was able to create wealth But the salary man does not mean that there is stability in the working life, we may have the opportunity to be terminated. Which we have income in many ways Will help us reduce the risk here If one way of income is lost There is still another way that can be Bring it to spend in life. Which we will look at 4 ways that can make us Get rich in the salary man’s version


1.Invest before using

Many people with a regular salary when the salary is used to spend which we should estimate the cost of different In advance such as fixed expenses, mobile fees, internet fees and the necessary expenses that may fluctuate but can be predicted less the income we have which will enable us to invest this part of our savings or savings. It makes money to be used when in need of trouble. Sometimes we have to look at inflation which is more expensive to consume every year If we save only we may not have enough money that lives during retirement. It must divide to invest in assets with higher return which may have to accept more risks as


2.Increase revenue

Because the salary man has a fixed income. We may have to find out what we are doing well. Or what you like that does not affect the routine Which may require a small amount of investment or something that does not require any investment at all For example, if we are good at language We may accept translation jobs. Which does not require investment at all Or if our graphic work at the company already We can accept the design outside of work, but if some people are good at cooking, they may start to do it with a small investment. Try to sell to friends at work. Or may be sold at a coffee shop Which can enable us to increase revenue in addition to normal income


3.Control expenses

We will decide to buy something. We should think first that whether it is necessary or just what we want and what we want. What’s the difference? What we need is what we have. to promote For us to develop or, if lacking, may make our lives more difficult There is no other way. The thing that we need is that we do not need it. That does not affect life. In a short time Without that we can live without any problems. Therefore, controlling expenses is to see what is needed. Or anything that we just want We should reduce what we want (Want) by thinking of appropriateness and worth so we can Able to have more items (Need)


4.Do not be extravagant in Lifestyle

There has been research that If putting normal coffee into a branded coffee cup, knowing that Coffee is normal coffee. There are still most people who still choose to buy coffee for that brand. Or expensive mobile phones that come out constantly If our phone doesn’t break Can be used normally We should not buy accordingly. Because of the capabilities or usable benefits are the same. One device cost 50,000 baht, another phone is 25,000 baht but can do the same The price is doubled. If we buy a mobile phone for 25,000 baht, we will have 25,000 left over which can be used to do other things, such as saving, investing, or buying more things that we need.

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