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Mortgage & Lending

Lend to get short period returns Variety of Real estate project loan for you to lend out with fixed and secured return. 

Mortgage & Lending

        Peer-to-peer lending (or “P2P”) allows investors to lend money directly to other individuals via a P2P platform like Real Exside. By cutting out the bank in the middle, investors earn a healthy return from principal and interest payments while helping others achieve their goals. Borrowers benefit from flexible loans at competitive rates, typically used to finance home improvements, Finance the ongoing building project or consolidate some more expensive debt.

        Real Exside manages the entire process from start to finish, from initial credit assessment, matching and allocation of loans to collecting repayments and distributing funds to investors.

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Real estate crowdfunding is the online pooling of capital from investors to fund mortgages secured by real estate. ​

securities token offering (STO)

Check the curated list of top Real Estate STOs. Up your alternative investments with our asset backed security token offerings.


Auction for Best Property Price Choose your property, type and bid to get ownership or investment