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What is real estate crowdfunding?

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                      Crowdfunding in simple terms in pooling together money from a group of investors to a single project. It is not a new concept but has been there for centuries in real estate. Family friends, relatives even neighbors come together to collectively purchase a property, also multiple institutions mutually invest.

The crucial difference between mutual real estate investing previously and crowdfunding for real estate today is the synchronization of real estate investment with the ability to perform digital transactions, making it time-saving, access to an unlimited flow of information and also remote passage. You no longer need to get in touch with other investors as they are all verified and approved. Property valuation, Security token offerings everything is taken care of. Thanks to the services provided by Realexside.

We allow investors to browse investments online, transfer funds, monitor investment performance also securely sign legal documents online. This innovation in real estate investing is backup by investment expert’s guidance and in every step Realexside assistance is provided. Major measures are taken to evaluate market statistics, quality of real estate, variable factors like yield and initial rate of return. Background and credit checks are performed by a team of an analyst to maintain transparency and gain investor/ developer insights.

The type of investments that can be made practicing crowdfunding real estate can be divided into two:

  1. Equity Crowdfunding (like owning shares in a condominium) provides investors with cash flow from rentals and also from value appreciation at the time of sale.
  2. Debt based Crowdfunding that are backed by real estate (basic financial institution-bank concept), these types of lending pay periodical interests.

While equity investments empowers investors to gain in “upside” and income from rents, debt crowdfunding enable the investors to get a reliable, month to a month income stream with less unpredictability.

Crowdfunding with Realexside enables more investors to approach pre-curated real estate investments that were generally inaccessible. Henceforth democratizing the market. It allows investors to put smaller funds or simply reducing the high capital requirement. By merging money together online, investors can now invest with little as 100,000THB. Whereas in the past investment companies would not allow any sum smaller than ($100,000-250,000) 3-7 Million THB for investment purposes.

By making real estate investment available to more people, it makes the market boundary-less and options for generating easy passive income.

The opportunity provided by is introduced in Thailand for the first time. The real estate market is expected to boom with this scheme as the gap between estate developers and potential investors are fulfilled.

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